The system shows good results, users get all the documentation on their sites, thus, they are always in the course of all that is happening.
The system provides access to all reporting from any device, all that is required is the availability of an internet connection. This makes the system easy for the user.
Software part
  • The software is not tied to a specific operating system, and therefore has the ability to work with any of them.
  • The system implements distributed modes of operation: administrator, dispatcher, user. The system does not require the creation of a specialized workplace or the installation of special software for administering and maintaining the work of the controller. Access to the system is done using the usual WEB browser.
  • Well-known cartographic services can be used as a geo-information support for the monitoring system.
Hardware part
Application of the specified system is possible on any modern vehicles without causing damage to standard electronic systems.
The system is completely autonomous and does not require interference with the operation of standard vehicle systems.
In order to control the parameters, each user of the system is given the opportunity to create sensors for control of a given parameter, or group of parameters. At present, the system supports 25 different sensors, each of which has a certain algorithm of action.
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