Removal of garbage
Using the Track system, you can ease the organization of garbage disposal from residential areas. By creating a garbage truck route and assigning it to a particular driver, you will always know from there and when the garbage collection has taken place, thus the problems with garbage disposal will be solved, no dissatisfied customers and a clean mitt!
What opportunities does the system provide?
In the system, the user has the opportunity to create a route on which the employee should move in order to remove waste. The route may consist of a multitude of points from which the worker must take out garbage.
After constructing the route, you can write it to a certain driver, draw up a schedule on which he must move this route.
Using a powerful monitoring system, the user will be able to check on what route and when the garbage collection took place, as well as what the employees were doing.
Improve productivity
The car is equipped with a variety of sensors that send the collected information to the resource. The resource for this information builds the reporting of the workflow. With these reports, the user has the ability to track the full route of the driver:
In what places the driver has sniffed;
how long did you spend there;
where the car stopped and how much time;
how much garbage was taken out and where
What you get as a result
control over the movement of workers during working hours;
full-scale reporting on the results of work;
improvement of employee productivity;
thankful and satisfied customers;
pure city
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